We are writing from Spain to inform the International Network of activists that we are starting the process to put together a Global May for 2013.

As you know, the revolution in Europe burst 2 years ago on May 15th in Spain.

A group of activists have been meeting lately, in order to organize actions starting on the 1st of May (May Day) like demonstrations, assemblies, workshops, conferences, flashmobs and open spaces in the squares of our cities.

We think that it would be just great to take this opportunity to get connected through these actions all over the planet and to work together building this Global May 2013.

We offer you the following form, we want to collect proposals of actions in May 2013 from your countries.

We also attach a poster in English to start promoting this huge project.

Please help us spreading the idea and let us know how we can together make a real synergy between your local actions and plans with the rest of the movement’s actions everywhere else.

If we manage once more to make a global event in May, this will help us reinforcing the global movement that we have.

SUBMITTED BY: Toma Madrid 15M

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