We all know Congress only represents those who put in the most money. They’re obsessed with cutting things we need while giving money hand over fist to Wall Street and multinational corporations while real issues like unemployment the climate crisis get thrown to the wayside.

If you’re wondering why Congress is hell-bent on serving the 1 percent instead of their constituents, look no further than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — corporations’ lobbying arm in Washington. For example, they’re the sole explanation for why climate legislation that could have better prepared the East Coast for Sandy didn’t pass, and why Congress refuses to discuss green jobs legislation that addresses both the climate that led to Sandy’s destruction and the destructive pattern of long-term unemployment.

A group of unemployed activists are marching from Philadelphia to Washington from May 18th to the 24th to hold the U.S. Chamber of Commerce accountable, and need your support!

Learn more about Operation Green Jobs and RSVP to take part in person or online.

The U.S. Chamber and their flood of corporate cash is the reason Congress refuses to implement widely-supported green jobs programs that would simultaneously alleviate the jobs crisis and the climate crisis. We know Congress’ ears are deaf to the needs of the 99%, so we’re taking our anger straight to the umbrella organization of the 1% pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

Join the long-term unemployed marching from Philadelphia to DC in person or virtually.

If you’re unemployed and support this action, but can’t march with us in person, contact us and we’ll get in touch with you to make sure you get your voice heard.

We’re collecting videos, photos, and anything else that captures the stories of those who have been hardest hit by the economy. We will be sharing these stories in social media in the weeks leading up to the march, and at the rally itself on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s front steps. Send your stories to crgibs@gmail.com.

We can turn Washington on its head by exposing who Congress is really working for.

Join us and support the May 18 – May 24 Operation Green Jobs march, and let’s show the lobbying arm of the 1% what the people power of the 99% looks like.

Submitted by: Shut The Chamber

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