We are looking to include you in this growing event on July 21 2012 called a New World Fair in Flushing Queens NY. Areas of interest include illumination, health revolution, innovation, and evolution towards a new era of progress with Peace through Understanding. This is a grassroots event which is creating culture and community to bring a better world.

We are showcasing a free public event in the original World Fair park. Speakers, food, exhibits, an art gala and performance, film showing, and booths of representation along with workshops will all be displayed. Your vision and service fits in align with the vision of a future we are building together. It is a chance to reach out to like minded people, advertise your message or product, and even think out of the box on a new exhibit experience or workshop to further stimulate the crowd.

If you would be interested to join us this 2012 we are seeking speakers, exhibitors, film makers, and other materials for display in booths in one of our four areas of focus (Illumination, Health Revolution, Innovation, and Evolution.) Please contact me asap as time is essential moving forward. We are seeking to create a truly magnificent cast of groups and people and would love if you would join too. Please feel free to browse our website www.thenewworldfair.com

The event will begin at 11:11am and last until 7pm.

If you have any music, artwork or performance which helps to represent “The Will to do Good”, harmony, evolution, the culture, The WTC, Divinity, humanity, love, peace, the movement, occupy art, global revolution art or photography, inventive exhibit space or sculpture or any other creative en devour you feel should be added to the 2012 Gala of Artists exhibit at the Queens Museum of Art exposition please contact me immediately to reserve a spot. Feel free to send a photo jpeg of your work as well.

The New World Fair 2012
Experience Committee
Kevin Vancio

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