Texas Commissioners met and heard from the public about the petition to discontinue the contract for public venue of the Expo Center which supports the “Gun Show Loophole” with Tax Payer dollars having it at the venue. Gun Shows do not require Face to Face background checks, background checks upon entry, or have an age restriction allowing easy access for underage individuals, convicted felons, and particularly in Texas-the Cartel-easy access to guns.

Opposition admitted no tracking to the number of guns sold at the shows at the Expo Center ever to contribute to any statistics, many who spoke, also opposed gun registration and comprehensive background checks including face to face registration believing in some cases that personal judgement is comprehensive enough.

The Commission asked many important questions and were available for interview as well as conversation afterward.

Included is the article written immediately after today from the Austin American Statesman.

Here is the Facebook group for the petition and community around it for others to organize in their areas in a similar mindset.


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