Tell the USTR: The TPP Is Bad for Jobs!

flush the TPP balloon

flush the TPP balloon

Today is the last day to tell the U.S. Trade Representative what you think of the TPP (civility preferred!). We have until 11:59 p.m. to submit public comments at the following link: to the page:
The USTR is specifically asking about the effect of the TPP on employment and jobs, but feel free to address other issues as well. Note: TransCanada is using NAFTA to sue the U.S.A. government for $15 billion over our refusal to allow the northern portion of the KeystoneXL pipeline; we will see more of this under the TPP. The WTO, despite repeated appeals, rejected our country-of-origin labelling (“COOL”) regulations on meat, and Congress just repealed those laws. The arguments that we are hearing in support of the TPP are the same as those we heard for NAFTA and CAFTA, which did not produce the promised job and export growth.
Need a bit more background? Try one of these sites:
Expose the TPP
Public Citizen
Flush the TPP (scroll down for a whole section on labor and jobs)
At last count, there were less than 2000 comments—we need many times that. Don’t let them say we don’t care; being out in the streets is good, but official comments are heard a different way, by a different audience—one with the power to make changes. (It is suggested that we copy our comments and send them to the president and our legislators directly; find social media information here: <a href="http://govsm le vrai”>

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