Halyna Kurylo has spent her life taking care of her family, including her older brother, who is handicapped. After terminal illness in the family, and a devastating 100 year flood causing damage to her home, Halyna has fallen behind in her property taxes, causing her home to be foreclosed this past December. Halyna’s family purchased the home in 1964, and the mortgage is paid off. Halyna’s twin brother of the state of Maine was able to come up with the total amount due to the county in back taxes, but the tax rules will not allow them to reclaim their property, even with the auction less than 2 months away. They have the money in hand, but the county won’t let them pay and keep their home. Halyna is now forced to pay rent to the county to live in a home that she already owns. Where is the justice?

The auction of the family home is scheduled for early march of this year, only a month and a half away. Losing her home, Halyna may have no choice but to place her handicapped brother in a county run nursing home, leaving her homeless at the age of 63.

This has outraged the community, and the people of Broome County are speaking out against the legislature to change the unjust law, which does not allow a family to redeem their home before the date of the foreclosure auction. Our phone calls and emails are falling on deaf ears and cold hearts. The county is determined to take her home, period.

Please help spread the word in solidarity with Halyna and her family, and all of the families in Broome County who have been and will be victim to this unjust law.


Want to help? Here is what you can do:

Like and Share this Facebook page supporting the Kurylo family.

Help us to continue to put pressure on the County Legislature. Their Facebook page is here:
‐ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Broome‐County‐Legislature/200472596671946?group_id=0

Help us continue to put pressure on Broome County executive Debra Preston, who
‘claims’ that her hands are tied. Her office phone number is here:
‐ 607‐778‐2109

Ask the Director of Real Property tax Services, Kevin Keough, about the corrupt tax
laws in Broome County. his office phone number and email is here:
‐ 607‐778‐2169 email‐ BCRealProp@co.broome.ny.us

For more information on the Kurylo family’s situation, read the news article here:


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