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    Craig Ritter, 517-230-6394 detroitcritter@hotmail.com


    On Oct 18th following the pre trial for the June 24th pipeline protest for Chris Wahmhoff. There will be a creative demonstration, and presentation with evidence showing how the report filed by The Michigan Department of Community Health is not accurate, and could put many people at significant risk.

    Recent claims made by the MDCH could potentially put people in direct contact with an unknown amount of toxic chemicals. From the EPA’s report there are still over 180,000 gallons of highly toxic Diluted Bitumen oil, still in the bottom of the Kalamazoo river. Recent findings now show there is not only toxic oil, but also chemicals captured when it fused with the bed of the Kalamazoo river these chemicals and additional dispursents captured by it’s reformation with the sand and clay that lay on the bed of the kalamazoo. With dredging currently beginning to break up the river bed, (the same dredging operations that shown enough health risk to signal the Bells Brewery lawsuit). Because of this information, and the lack of faith in our government and agency response showing a disinterest for significant accountability from Enbridge. Multiple Mi Cats facing felony sentencing will refuse settlement and face multiple years in prison by jury trial. We are willing to risk maximum sentencing simply to help make people aware how dangerous the impact of this spill is. We have chosen to use our own bodies and free will to protect our community.

    ?An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law? – Martin Luther King

    The EPA has estimated that about 180,000 gallons of Line 6B oil (approximately 100,000 gallons) remain in the river bottom sediment. The mercury, lead and arsenic in tar sands waste threaten human health, even at small levels of exposure. Already, communities downstream from tar sands mines in Canada report 30 percent more incidents of rarebile duct cancer than those who do not live near the tar sands. Tar sands (Bill bit, or Diluted Bitumen oil) contains elevated levels of many known carcinogens and toxins. In a recent study, tar sands wastewater ?tailings? from extracting oil were found to contain ammonia, benzene, cyanide,phenols, toluene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, arsenic,copper, H hexen, sulphate, and chloride.

    Many of these chemicals are highly toxic and known to cause cancer, and regularly leach into groundwater from leaks and from lakes or rivers, ( like the pet coke refinery in detroit) that are used to store tailings .These chemicals are present in tar sands oil before and after processing,and will end up in groundwater when pipelines leak.

    Regardless of these grave health risks, our government has allowed recreational use with the dis information of saying it is safe. Even though the Canadian based mega corporation Enbridge, has no real answer for how to clean up this spill. Our government has simply cowardly stood by and allowed the un permitted expansion of line 6B and several other pipelines. These pipelines that are mostly made decades ago for gas, will be pushed at double their intended capacity, without any changes to these now in many cases corroded including line 9 which runs directly under the mackinac bridge, and like 6B is directly connected to 20-30% of the entire world’s fresh water supply.

    Pre trial for Chris will be on Oct 18th at 10am.

    CALHOUN COUNTY JUSTICE CENTER 161 E. Michigan Ave Battle Creek MI 49014 courtroom #480

    Following pre trial there will be Music, free gifts, and a visual artistic demonstration called “#Teardown TarSands lies” , involving viewer participation, and also free gifts. There will also be a presentation from Michelle Barlond Smith, whom testified in Canada against Trans Canada and is one of the most respected voices in regards to the Kalamazoo Oil spill. At 11:30am Craig Ritter will be bringing physical evidence of how the report of recreational safety is not accurate. Chris joins several Mi Cats activists involved in ongoing court cases across several counties. Please visit the MichiganCats.org website to learn more about these cases and ways to get involved in a people powered response to this unpermitted expansion.

    Tim DeChristopher on Micats: http://www.michigancats.org/tim-dechristopher-lends-support-to-mi-cats-felons/#.UljPIxA4O_8

    Website: www.michigancats.org

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michigancats

    Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/190945604422798/

    Twitter: @MichiganCats Email: micats@riseup.net

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4dR2iieALw

    #Teardown TarSands, #Micats, #Powershift, #Tarsandskill, #Fearlesssummer, #summerheat, #Sovergnsummer


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