Peace Activists Hinder Departure of F16 Airplanes to #NATO Nuclear Weapons Exercise #Vredesactie

As of 7:30 AM peace activists are using non-violent means to try and stop the departure of F16 airplanes from the base in Kleine Brogel. Starting today, Belgian pilots are training for the deployment of nuclear weapons together with their NATO-partners. Small groups of activists are going onto the runway to stop the taking off of the F-16s. Meanwhile, the main gate of the base is being blocked. In this way, Vredesactie and Action pour la Paix hope to prevent the preparation for war crimes. Continue reading

Global Solidarity Day for #Syria – October 20th, 2012 #O20 / #20O

This is an appeal to all Syrian communities and to all free people around the world to organise processions and sit-ins in front of United Nations offices in all around the world…
…On this day, our aim is to mobilise international public opinion to support the Syrian people, who have been exposed to killing, arrest and displacement for ninteen months while the world has watched Continue reading

American delegation will fast in Islamabad to atone for U.S. drone strikes

More than a dozen American peace delegates visiting Pakistan to witness the damage wrought by U.S. drone attacks will fast from sunrise to sunset Tuesday, Oct. 9, in front of the Islamabad Press Club, Sector F-6. They will sing songs of peace, display pictures of the more than 160 Pakistani children who have been killed by American drones, and extend a message of peace and solidarity to passersby. Continue reading

CODEPINK Anti-Drone Delegation Brings Message of Solidarity to Tribal Areas in Pakistan Off-Limits to Foreigners for a Decade

On the eleventh anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, 31 American peace delegates representing the U.S. peace group CODEPINK joined political leader Imran Khan and Pakistanis at a rally against U.S. drone strikes in Hatala, Pakistan, near the border between D.I. Khan and South Waziristan. The delegates traveled to the tribal areas in solidarity with the people of Waziristan who have been terrorized by U.S. drone attacks since 2004. This was the first time that the Pakistani government has admitted foreigners into the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in nearly a decade. Continue reading

Protest the Wars at Home and Abroad, the Threats to Iran and Syria, and U.S. Drone Warfare – October 5-7.

UNAC will be holding its 2nd national conference call to start the process of building actions across the country to protest the threats to Iran, Syria and U.S. Drone Warfare on the weekend of October 5-7. All are welcome on the conference call please mark your calendar and join us. Continue reading

Occupy Colleges and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Merge Based on Common Principles of Participatory Democracy

Occupy Colleges, a national affinity group of Occupy Wall Street, concentrated on combating the corporatization of campuses and student debt has joined forces with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) , a national student group focused on anti-war efforts and student issues which re-emerged in 2006. Continue reading

Join Peace Delegation to Pakistan

Outraged by the killing of innocents in Pakistan by drone attacks? Join a Peace Delegation to Pakistan September 21-28th. We will meet with survivors of US drone attacks, lawyers who are representing drone victims and political figures. As citizen diplomats from the United States, we will join with thousands of people from the region affected by U.S. drone attacks. Hand-in-hand, in a peaceful march, we will call for an end to the killing and reparations for the victims’ families. Continue reading