Sidewalk chalk could land four protestors in jail for a year

On August 10th, during a monthly chalking protest against police brutality in solidarity with the families of people killed by LVMPD officers, four Las Vegas activists were arrested by the LVMPD. Each was charged with two counts of “defacing property” and two were additionally charged with two counts each of “conspiracy to commit a non-felony crime.” For sidewalk chalk. Continue reading

Chicago: Judge Orders State to Hand Over Info about Police Spying on the NATO 3

The NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Brian Jacob Church, and Jared Chase—were brought before Judge Thaddeus Wilson again yesterday for another status hearing leading up to their trial in September. The defendants looked well and were not shackled at the hands, only at the feet. There were also fewer sheriff’s deputies in the viewing gallery intimidating supporters. Continue reading


Beginning on Saturday, May 11th – the anniversary weekend of the Poor Peoples Campaign, we will hold a civil rights walk and March from Baltimore to Washington D.C. and arrive in Washington on Sunday, May 12, 2013.
We invite people from around the country to join us in Baltimore on May 11th.
There will be support vehicles to ensure that everyone can participate, regardless of physical ability. Continue reading

Ask First – A Competition in Disconnect

although i’ve spent a fair amount of time both working directly with rockaway residents, and raising capital for local redevelopment projects, it was clear to me that my ideas were just that; namely, my ideas.  i knew at that moment that not only couldn’t i participate in this design competition, but i needed to ask the residents what they felt about it, and the needs of their community moving forward. Continue reading

Calling for Allies: Harlem Staged School Shooting Abuse of 300 Children with Disabilities

Two school days after Sandy Hook, an NYC Principal staged a terrifying surprise hoax school shooting on 300 Harlem children with emotional, cognitive, and physical disabilities and over 200 staff and teachers. Eight weeks later, the principal and the NYC Department of Education have refused to notify parents and refused to implicate themselves in the child abuse by denying any post-trauma evaluation and care. Continue reading

NLG Massachusetts Statement on Occupy Boston Defendants Sudden Dropped Charges

Boston, February 8, 2013. Today, without any notice to defense counsel or the defendants, Suffolk County prosecutors went into court and in an unscheduled, unilateral action dismissed the criminal cases that had been brought against five Occupy Boston activists which were scheduled to begin trial on Monday, February 11. The prosecutors also dismissed all of the criminal charges remaining against the other Occupy Boston activists who were still awaiting trial as a result of the mass police arrests in October and December, 2011.
We believe that the DA’s decision amounts to an acknowledgment of the unconstitutionality of the arrests and criminal charges that had been brought against hundreds of Occupy Boston participants, and shows that the state has finally admitted that the demonstrations by Occupy activists were legal and constitutionally protected. Continue reading

US Walmart retail workers were out on strike February 8

For the first time since November’s Black Friday walkout, US Walmart retail workers are out on strike. On February 8, at noon, half a dozen workers in Laurel, Maryland, walked off the job in protest of alleged retaliation by Walmart management.
Workers allege that Walmart exploited that agreement to unleash a new round of intimidation against workers. They say that Walmart managers held mandatory meetings in which managers read from a memo telling workers that the strikes had been illegal, and that OUR Walmart was being dissolved. “They said that anybody who associates themselves with OUR Walmart, and the leaders, and the organization as a whole, could face disciplinary actions,” said Harris. He said he had not been pulled into such a meeting, but had heard about them from co-workers in states including Florida, Illinois, Kentucky and Maryland. Continue reading