#DreamDefenders Are Occupying the Florida State Capitol to Get #JusticeForTrayvon! Day 3 and Counting! Find Out How You Can Help Through Social Media Activism!

Dream Defenders are on day 3 of a sit-in and overnight occupation of the Florida Capitol. Here’s update on what they’re up to, a video that they need spread far and wide, social media information and suggested tweets for support, a few graphics to share, and a couple pictures. Continue reading

8-9 June – Call for International Solidarity with #OccupyGezi in 23 Languages

As Taksim and Gezi swell every night with thousands of people who come to celebrate their solidarity, victory and power, our resistance in other parts of Istanbul and other cities across Turkey continues. Of one thing we are certain: Nothing will ever be the same again.
Show your support and solidarity this weekend, 8-9 June 2013. Reclaim Tahrir, Syntagma, Zuccotti, your local streets, squares and parks! Trust us, they belong to you. Continue reading

New York City: Occupy Wall Street June 1st Homecoming

This Occupy Homecoming is designed to help us reconnect with each other, as well as to the great work that lies still before us. The struggle has continued on, and we have continued to struggle – but social distance has drawn us apart from the shared community we once so intimately embraced. We want to re-engage with each other so that we can draw on each others’ strength and share support in our challenge against the powers that be. Continue reading

Documentary About 15M Movement In Barcelona Translated into Nine languages

The awakening of the squares” analyzes the 15M movement, a year later, from six people who lived in the Barcelona occupation of Catalonia Square.
The documentary looks at the process of this movement that shook society in the demand of more democracy and raised the expectation that citizenship could force a change of cycle in the country. Continue reading