Strategic Success in Oakland

What I see is a MASSIVE, well-equipped, aggressive police force showing en masse anytime a freeway is approached, a large portion of the march keeping them on guard, as an even larger portion of marchers outflank police and pour over indefensible barriers and scramble over 7-8 ft walls to the freeway. Walls and barriers these cops cant follow us over due to being decked out like robocop. Continue reading

#OccupyDemocracy to re-occupy Parliament Square – 11.24.14 6pm

#occupydemocracy protesters have called on supporters of democracy to join them as they re-occupy Parliament Square from 6pm this Friday (21 November) for a long weekend. [1] In advance of the re-occupation, many #occupydemocracy supporters will be in attendance at the 24-hour Big NHS Sleepout / Vigil in the Square, which starts on Thursday at 7pm. [2] Continue reading

OSNJ Invites You to Occupy #Sandygate at Gov. Christie’s Inauguration Beginning January 18th – 22nd, 12pm EST

Occupy Sandy New Jersey banner are calling on residents of New Jersey to come to Trenton to Occupy outside the Capitol starting this Saturday, January 18th, at noon. OSNJ wants Sandy survivors tell their stories to the state and national media already camped out nearby. We intend to maintain our camp through Chris Christie’s re-inauguration festivities on Tuesday, January 21st. Continue reading

New Documentary – The 99%: Occupy Everywhere narrated by Lou Reed and featuring Russell Simmons, Jeffrey Sachs and more…

Narrated by Lou Reed, The 99%: Occupy Everywhere features Russell Simmons, Jeffrey Sachs and a diverse cross section of Americans to reveal how critical issues can be addressed through fair taxation, prosecuting criminal bankers and reducing corporate influence over the democratic process: by removing money from politics. Continue reading