GlobalSkillsXChange Call For Workshops And Participants – 8-9 June, London

we invite you to participate in GlobalSkillsXChange in London this June.

Workshops will take place on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of June, followed by a week of actions and events for democracy, against G8*. We will share tools, skills and experience to take back to our local struggles, while defining common projects/actions/campaigns for global collaboration – moving away from capitalism and fake democracy towards fair, sustainable futures. Continue reading


Political Phantasy meets Occult Thriller with the aesthetics of a dog-eared 1970’s Russian Spy Novella; this art house masterpiece has the makings of a major cult classic. Poetic narrative reveals the story of Despotic Orwellian Figurehead of the Future and the Film Noir Antihero of Real Politik, Johnny Barcode. Martian Fairy Tale, Cinematic Revelation and Gothic Prophecy; Johnny Barcode paints a sensational metaphor of the times through free form dance movement masquerading as celestial perfection against human absurdity. Continue reading

Aaron Swartz’s Murder by 1% is to Trigger the Global Revolution

Tarek and Aaron had many differences. One was coming from a poor Muslim working class family and the other from a Jewish middle class one. One had a good education, lived in the USA and had a chance to travel other countries, while Tarek was earning his life as a street vendor in Tunis. But they also had many in common. They were both standing against the injustice and the rule of 1%. They have both fought back in their own way. And they ended their very young lives when they were both 26 as result of their fight. They both did this in January; one in 2011 and the other in 2013. Continue reading

What Will It Take to Really Work Together Now? Community Meeting at AME Zion Church, NYC 10/20 – All Welcome!

We are a growing group of people who connected through our beliefs that we can create a more just world and that this will happen only when we figure out how to re-member ourselves –how to work with our many ideologies, analysis, faiths, backgrounds, causes and identities instead of in spite of them. Continue reading