OccupyLjubljana: Against the criminalization, aestheticization and nationalization of Uprising!

The uprising is all too often reduced to the question of Slovenia and of the Slovenian nation and thus its emancipatory potential is numbed. These tendencies come from some intellectuals, cultural workers, artists, representatives of the civil society and the media, who consider themselves supporters of the uprising, yet they typically want to define it, direct it and channel its course. With such supporters, who have completely internalized the prohibition against any kind of real, radical, political resistance, we essentially need no opponents. There are at least three things that need to be clarified at this point. Continue reading

S17’s Everything You Need to Know Update! Important Info, Share Widely!

S17’s Everything You Need to Know Update! On September 15-17th in New York City, we are organizing three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with a full slate of permitted convergences, family friendly assemblies, a big concert, and mass civil disobedience on that Monday in the heart of the financial district. The evolving schedule as well as detailed information can be found at s17nyc.org. Continue reading

New Orleans Needs Volunteers to Help with Supplies Due to Hurricane Isaac

Local organizations in New Orleans have been ravaged by budget cuts and will not see money from the FEMA and the FEDS till Tuesday/ Wednesday. The Common Ground Clinic in particular will need ice to keep insulin/other meds cool till then, medical supplies, and potable water. Please email info@interoccupy.net to be connected to people on the ground in New Orleans. Continue reading