NATO 3 Sentenced to 5 to 8 Years, Receive Credit for Time Served

Today in the Cook County Criminal Courthouse, the NATO 3 were sentenced to between 5 and 8 years in prison. Brian Jacob Church was sentenced to 5 years, Brent Betterly to 6 years, and Jared Chase to 8 years. They will all serve this time at 50% of the sentenced time (e.g., 6 year sentence equals 3 years served) and will receive credit for the two years they have served pending trial. Upon release, they will each have two years of supervised release as well. Continue reading

“Let’s Make These [Molotovs] So I Can Go Bomb a F—- Bank”: The Failed Terrorism Case Against the NATO 3

The NATO 3 will be sentenced this Friday, April 25. Please join us in court for this next step in their ordeal if you are in or around Chicago. No matter where you are, you can refresh your memory of what they endured during their grueling trial by reading the zine we are proud to release today Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Activist Cecily McMillan Goes to Trial on Felony Charges – May Face 7 Years in Prison for Being Assaulted by NYPD Officers

“The main issue here,” says Martin R. Stolar, McMillan’s attorney, “is the heavy-handed, over-policing by the NYPD during the Occupy Wall Street protests, which lead to crimes where none existed. It was a normal reaction for a woman to react, to be startled after having her right breast grabbed.” Rebecca Heinegg will be co-counsel with Stolar at trial. Continue reading

NATO 3 Not Guilty of Terrorism! Convicted of Possession of Incendiary Device Charges and Facing 30 Years

On Friday, February 7, 2014, the jury in the NATO 3 trial returned its verdicts against Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, and Brian Jacob Church. These three had been held in Cook County Jail in Chicago since they were arrested on May 16, 2012. They faced trumped up, politically motivated terrorism, conspiracy, and arson charges because of their perceived politics and political activities (mostly through the Occupy movement). Continue reading

NATO 3 Trial Concludes, Jury Begins Deliberating Our Comrades’ Fates.

The closing arguments in the NATO 3 trial concluded today and the jury began deliberations to determine whether each of them will be convicted or acquitted on each of the seven charges they are facing. The jury was released for the evening at about 11pm and are scheduled to return at 9am tomorrow to continue deliberations. They must keep deliberating until they reach a verdict. Continue reading

NATO 3: Jury Instructions Finalized, Closing Arguments Set to Begin.

The jury instructions for the charges against the NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, Brian Jacob Church—were finalized in court at the end of yesterday’s proceedings and throughout the day today. Additionally, the defense argued a motion to strike portions of undercover cop Mehmet Uygun’s testimony as being improper. The judge denied this motion, which concluded arguments over the final issue before closing arguments tomorrow morning at 10am (court will be in session starting at 9:30am, so all spectators must be seated by 9:15am). Continue reading

Open Letter to President Obama on Behalf of the MiCat3 and Michigan Environment

This is the county where police are openly paid by enbridge. Also where the MiCat3 women are held in jail. I am writing this open letter to every media contact both to get awarness and also because I see potential to incur serious charges. Being proud and bold feels like the safest and most effective way to take such an action Continue reading