Map of Grassroots Groups in Greece (Omikron Project)

‘Ouzo-drinking lazy Greeks?’ – Omikron Project released a second edition of the grassroots groups map – fully updated and including over 60% more groups!
All the groups have been verified by us as grassroots, explicitly not-for-profit, Greece-based and active as of June 2014. By ‘grassroots’, we mean that the groups are open for others to join and that, at the time of their inception, they had no affiliation with a profit-making entity. Continue reading


Since Occupy, anarchist and grass roots worker ideas and tactics have spread widely among a new generation of activists, organizers and militants. Anarchist ideas are being seriously considered now more than ever before.  In this spirit, we are putting out an open call for a “Red and Black” contingent at the Rally for Workers’ and Immigrants’ Rights on May 1. Continue reading

Campaign Finance Reform is the answer! The start and the solution! Take away the influence of money in elections AND subsequent political dealings. Period. Forever. Thank you!

The time is now to start a support group in your State, City, and community areas. Mid term elections are coming up and we the people need to take control of the election process, and the workings of our elected officials once voted into ‘public service’ positions. Yes, ‘Public Service’ positions; not ‘Corporate’ or ‘Special Interest’ positions. Create referendum measures in your State that can make it onto the election ballots to be voted into law by YOU THE PEOPLE. Collect signatures on petitions and force your State Legislature to include a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FINANCE referendum measure in the 2014 Elections. Once presented at this level the movement can be made ready for use to protect and support public campaign finance efforts in the 2016 National Elections, and beyond. Continue reading