NATO 3: Recordings Reveal Undercover Cop “Mo” Helped Build Molotovs, Directed Defendants.

Today in the trial of the NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, Brian Jacob Church—undercover Chicago cop Mehmet Uygun (aka “Mo”) continued his testimony and began cross-examination by the defense attorneys. A few audio recordings from the undercovers’ wires were also played as Uygun gave more testimony. These recordings largely showed that Uygun, like his partner Nadia Chikko (aka “Gloves”), had instigated discussions of Molotovs and other explosives, sought materials for making Molotovs, and directed some of the defendants in constructing them on May 16, 2012. Uygun will continue being cross-examined tomorrow and closing arguments in the case could begin as early as Wednesday of this week. Trial resumes tomorrow morning at 10am (everyone must be seated by 9:45am). Continue reading

NATO 3: Undercover Cop “Mo” Begins Testimony Amidst Repeated Defense Objections.

Yesterday, undercover Chicago cop Mehmet Uygun, aka “Mo” or “Turk,” took the stand in the trial against the NATO 3: Brent Betterly, Jared Chase and Brian Jacob Church. “Mo” is expected to be the state’s final witness in the conspiracy and terrorism case. The state began their case with the other undercover cop, Nadia Chikko (aka “Gloves”). Chikko’s testimony was so weak and full of holes that we expected the prosecutors to be desperately trying to salvage their case through Uygun’s testimony. Our predictions proved to be true. Continue reading

NATO 3: Defense Attorney Calls State’s Attempt at Getting Some Evidence in “Desperate,” Facebook and Other Electronic Records Submitted Over Defense Objections

Trial today consisted of a long series of tedious evidence submission processes. The defense objected to many of the state’s attempts to submit evidence collected from computers seized during the raid when Brian Jacob Church and Jared Chase were arrested, but most were overruled. The defense did win some of their arguments, though, preventing some evidence from getting in and ensuring other important pieces of evidence got in over the state’s objections. Undercover Chicago cop Mehmet Uygun, aka “Mo” or “Turk,” was expected to take the stand but did not because the proceedings today drug out for so long. He will take the stand at 10am on Thursday. Continue reading

NATO 3: Undercover Cop “Gloves” Continues Testimony, More Tomorrow.

Undercover cop Nadia Chikko, aka “Gloves,” spent the day on the stand giving testimony about a litany of audio recordings from the wires that she and the other undercover cop involved in this case, Mohmet (“Mo” or “Turk”) Nguyen, wore while infiltrating the Chicago activist community and targeting these defendant. The state has introduced 55 audio recordings into evidence. Chikko’s testimony went through more than 30 of the recordings today, with the remaining expected to be covered tomorrow. Continue reading

NATO 3: Opening Statements Conclude, Undercover Cop “Gloves” Begins Testimony.

The NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Jared Chase, Brian Jacob Church—started their trial today with a full complement of defense attorneys and a courtroom packed with supporters. The prosecutors started off the opening arguments and were immediately followed by the defense attorneys. After the lunch recess, an audio technician who enhanced the audio on a number of tapes that make up a key part of the state’s alleged evidence against the three defendants testified that he had enhanced the audibility of the tapes but not altered the content in any way. His testimony was immediately followed by Chicago Police Officer Nadia Chikko, known as “Gloves” during her infiltration of the Chicago activist community. Continue reading

Jury Selected for NATO 3, Trial Set to Begin Next Tuesday.

Today, the final jury members were selected for the NATO 3 trial. *The trial itself is scheduled to begin next Tuesday, January 21st at 11am in Courtroom 606 at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse, 2650 South California Avenue.* We are encouraging everyone to pack the courtroom for the NATO 3 starting next Tuesday! We also have solidarity t-shirts available online now! Continue reading

NATO 3: Prosecution Reduces Charges to 7 of the Original 11, Public Viewing Restrictions Announced

The NATO 3—Brent Betterly, Brian Jacob Church, and Jared Chase—sat through another full day of jury selection today. Jury selection will resume tomorrow morning. A significant development in the case today was that the prosecution will not be trying an additional 2 counts that the defendants had been facing, reducing the number for trial down to 7 of the original 11 counts. The defendants will now be tried on the charges of material support for terrorism, conspiracy to commit terrorism, possession of an incendiary device (4 counts), and solicitation to commit arson. Continue reading

NATO 3 Jury Selection Has Begun, 2 Charges Dropped!

Jury selection in the NATO 3 conspiracy and terrorism case began this morning and continued until the late evening. In the morning, the prosecution announced that two charges (Counts 10 and 11) had been dropped. These were both unlawful use of a weapon charges. The defendants are now heading towards trial with 9 counts instead of the 11 they have faced since they were arrested in May 2012. Continue reading