National Day of Action to Defend Abortion Rights in Dallas!

We won’t go back! Anti-woman, oppressive politicians are robbing women and girls across the country of basic health care rights. We are losing access to safe abortions, STD testing, cancer screenings and more! Rallies and marches are already beginning to be organized across Texas and the entire country for the 15th. Let’s make sure Dallas has a huge turnout! Continue reading

Global March to Dignity – Transnational Solidarity Weekend 6-7 July 2013 [EN. TR, PT, BG, FR, ES, IT]

Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt…. once more the fire of the global revolution is sweeping out the entire planet. We are taking streets, squares, parks in millions and revolting against the police brutality, torture, environmental destruction, corruption, the looting of the commons by the 1%.
Continue reading

8-9 June – Call for International Solidarity with #OccupyGezi in 23 Languages

As Taksim and Gezi swell every night with thousands of people who come to celebrate their solidarity, victory and power, our resistance in other parts of Istanbul and other cities across Turkey continues. Of one thing we are certain: Nothing will ever be the same again.
Show your support and solidarity this weekend, 8-9 June 2013. Reclaim Tahrir, Syntagma, Zuccotti, your local streets, squares and parks! Trust us, they belong to you. Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Will Be Acting In Force Across NYC On MayDay

Join us on this day of celebration and agitation for the struggles of workers the world over. We begin the day early in 2 groups: Uptown (meeting in Bryant Park at 10am) and Downtown (meeting in Union Sq at 11am). After marching with different groups, we’ll meet back at Union Square for more performances, especially game time at 4pm! Continue reading

International Call to Participate in Blockupy 2013 in Frankfurt May 30th to June 1st and other struggles against the Troika

We think it’s time, respecting the autonomy of specific local movements, to weave and organize a network of struggles that resists and takes back to the people what is being swept away: basic income and social care, houses, basic common goods like water, energy and transportation, high-quality knowledge, labour and social rights, the freedom of movement, and, in general, the possibility to achieve dignity and freedom in life. Continue reading