​​INTERNATIONAL – ​On ​Saturday, May 23​rd​, a broad coalition of individuals and groups will gather in cities and towns all over the world, as part of a global March Against Monsanto. The intention of this march is to raise public awareness and bring increasing political pressure to bear regarding Monsanto’s corporate farming and business practices and to fight for labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered and/or modified materials. Continue reading

On the road to a 2016 World Social Forum in Montréal

The assembly’s objective was to gather from here and elsewhere different actors from the larger civil society in regards to the coming of the WSF to Montréal in 2016. More than 100 organizations already support the initiative and an ongoing campaign continues in mobilizing the organization of the first World Social Forum in the North. Continue reading

DD National #handsup Call-To-Action Today!

Police officers are sworn to serve and protect us–but they are literally killing our people in our communities. We must take action. We are asking young people around the country to go to the U.S. Attorney’s office near them and issue local demands to address police violence and grievances with local law enforcement and to apply pressure around the national demands. Continue reading

From UNAC: Hands Off Syria Actions Momentum Grows

A collective fierce voice demanding, “Not another war” is resounding across the country and around the world. Now is the moment to make our voices heard. Join in to stop the attack on Syria. The coming days provide the last chance to mobilize popular resistance to the military strike. The people fear both the political and economic consequences of another costly war. Continue reading

Watch Million Hoodies’ 50th Anniversary March on Washington Promo Video w/ Jay-Z’s “Crown”

Check out this new short promo video for the 50th Anniversary March on Washington on August 24th, 2012, made by Million Hoodies with Jay-Z’s track “Crown” from his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail. The extent of Jay Z’s involvement in the project is unclear, but sources close to the Movement say, “He is aware of the film and very supportive of the cause.” Continue reading