Help Wanted?

“”Where are the jobs”” is a question that is commonly asked at various sites. With the US Government claiming unemployment rate is dropping, it would be reasonable to expect that jobs are becoming more abundant. If you look at the current number of job openings from this Dept of Labor site, there are currently about 4.17 million job openings in various fields. Stay with me in this article and I will show why there is a difference between what we see and what we get.
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Since Occupy, anarchist and grass roots worker ideas and tactics have spread widely among a new generation of activists, organizers and militants. Anarchist ideas are being seriously considered now more than ever before.  In this spirit, we are putting out an open call for a “Red and Black” contingent at the Rally for Workers’ and Immigrants’ Rights on May 1. Continue reading

Socio-Political Effects of Being a Server on Your Perception or: WILL SERVE FOOD FOR TIPS

As I continue wiping the counter tops I overhear tidbits of counter-productive passionately distraught conversation. Similar thoughts about humanity have crossed my mind as well.
The function of this article isn’t to get people to tip their servers; I actually think the people of Occupy already do that. The purpose is to shed light on how misanthropy thrives in this specific 12% of Americans (4,438,100) that work in food and beverage related serving jobs. Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Will Be Acting In Force Across NYC On MayDay

Join us on this day of celebration and agitation for the struggles of workers the world over. We begin the day early in 2 groups: Uptown (meeting in Bryant Park at 10am) and Downtown (meeting in Union Sq at 11am). After marching with different groups, we’ll meet back at Union Square for more performances, especially game time at 4pm! Continue reading