Zapatista Teach-In at Washington Square Park, Sunday 9/15 @ 12p: How NAFTA Ruined My Life And Here Comes Another Horror…TPP!

Sunday S15 at noon you are welcome to our Zapatista Teach-In at WASHINGTON SQUARE. Dress with black pants and t-shirts to take a picture with the Anti-TPP Puppets! This Tuesday S17 come to have fun with our Anti-TPP protest at lunch time in Times Square or at any other of the fun Anti-TPP marchs/protests all day long! Continue reading

Zapatista Freedom School to Implement a Language Justice Program! Starting next Monday!

The Zapatista School to implement a language justice system – students will know how it is to live in the language of a conqueror. There will be simultaneous translation from a Mayan language into Spanish. The “Freedom According to Zapatistas” School is coming up this Monday August 12! Occupy Wall Street people are invited to watch it online in two different schedules for people who work at night! Continue reading