Facebook Locks Red Slider and The Sacramento Z Newspaper out of their FB pages!

Facebook has capriciously decided “”Red Slider”” is an “”invalid name”” and has blocked all access to our accounts. FB demands we change our name or submit to their intrusion into our privacy…
“Well, it’s their property, they can do what they want,”” or “”It’s free (Facebook, e.g.) so you get what you pay for.”” We vigorously challenge that position. We should recall that the earliest legal battles over civil rights law—battles that prepared the way for civil rights law— were over the rights of privately owned facilities and organizations which owned and operated what was or needed to be regarded as “”public spaces”” Continue reading

Background Information About The Horrific Students’ Massacre In Guerrero Mexico

Some activists have asked us for background information about the massacre of the students from Ayotzinapa School in the Iguala City of Guerrero Mexico. There is little information in English circulating, so here is more from Malú, Mexican writer who has been supporting the Zapatista movement for 20 years and has been supporting the Occupy movement since September 2011.. Continue reading

If Your Neighbor Had Ebola

If Your Neighbor Had Ebola …..you would beg the US government to nationalize the healthcare system. Why wait until it’s too late?
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care.
Why wait till the captains of industry make the same kind of obscene profits from Ebola that they made from the AIDS epidemic? Greed is a disease that can be stopped. Let’s make Ebola the cure. Continue reading

Campaign to Welcome Home Brian Jacob Church (NATO 3)

The NATO 3 were acquitted of all of the terrorism charges. Unfortunately, the jury found them guilty of two felonies each — possession of an incendiary device with the intent to commit arson and possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge that another intended to commit arson. They were given sentences ranging from 5 to 8 years. Jacob is the first of the three to be released. He is scheduled to return to us in early November! Continue reading

Help Wanted?

“”Where are the jobs”” is a question that is commonly asked at various sites. With the US Government claiming unemployment rate is dropping, it would be reasonable to expect that jobs are becoming more abundant. If you look at the current number of job openings from this Dept of Labor site, there are currently about 4.17 million job openings in various fields. Stay with me in this article and I will show why there is a difference between what we see and what we get.
Continue reading

UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Rally March 21@ 4:30 PM ET

On the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Now, on Friday March 21, there will be a rally at 4:30 PM in the Ralph J Bunche Park across the street from the UN. The rally is part of a global call to put anti-racism on the political agenda, ”Fight Racism Now: Action Speaks Louder than Words”. On the same day there will be rallies around the same call in 14 countries across the world – from Buenos Aires in the south to, New York in the west, Cyprus in the east and Stockholm, Sweden, in the north. Continue reading

Fight Racism Now – A Global Effort to Put Anti-Racism on the Political Agenda. Stand Up 21 March 2014!

MARCH 21 @ 4:30 PM ET – Ralph Bunche Park
It is high time for anti-racism to become an integral part of US politics and for the US to live up to its commitment to the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). Continue reading

FORWARD 13: WAKING UP THE AMERICAN DREAM – THE MORTAGE CRISIS MADE PERSONAL Documentary About Foreclosure Crises Coming to DVD and On Demand January 21, 2014

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 7, 2014) For most Americans, owning a home is the pinnacle of the American Dream. For Patrick Lovell—who worked as a Senior Producer on the nationally syndicated television program, ‘Home Team’, which lent a hand to aspiring first-time homeowners—home ownership became his nightmare when the global financial market crashed in 2008, leaving him jobless and with a mortgage he could no longer afford. Armed with a camera, Lovell set out to discover why the American Dream failed him and millions of others in FORWARD 13: WAKING UP THE AMERICAN DREAM, which will be released nationwide by Cinema Libre Studio on DVD and On Demand platforms starting January 21, 2014. Continue reading