The Panama Papers—What is To Be Done?

“What is it about Title 17 that–on a deeper level–let’s them get away with it?”
The hidden agenda of the Federal Tax Code is to make us all feel powerless. Most people–but especially those without college degrees–must pay an expert to figure out what they owe the government for services they may or may not want. It’s like going to a restaurant and paying someone to read a menu written in a nonverbal language, ordering without understanding what you’ve heard and then paying that same expert to figure out the tab. Continue reading

N.Y. Advocates Call Out U.S. for Ignoring Malaysia’s Ongoing Human Trafficking

A coalition of human rights advocates, faith leaders, and local activists will host a press conference, rally and march to the US Mission to the United Nations to highlight ongoing, widespread human trafficking in Malaysia and its connection to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
Join them outside the Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 E 43rd Street, Manhattan at noon, August 4, Continue reading

Ferguson Financials, Simplified

The latest Justice Department report has revealed that 150 years after the formal end of slavery a new kind of race based profiteering is alive and well in Ferguson, MO. To the police department and town officials of Ferguson the lives, well being, livelihood, dreams and bodies of the descendants of African slaves are nothing more than little pots of money waiting to be harvested via traffic tickets, dog bites and noise complaints. Continue reading

Introducing Maya Chase, Formerly Jared Chase Of The NATO 3

The prisoner we have been supporting as Jared Chase is ready to let her supporters and comrades know that she is a trans woman who prefers to be called Maya and uses she/her/hers pronouns. She also wants to go vegan, although she is currently not able to receive adequate nutrition in general, much less according to her ethical decisions.
Continue reading

tour bus blocks pathway in wine country

Sour Grapes in ‘Wine Country’: Intense Challenges to Wineries Erupt

Sonoma County’s premium wine industry in the San Francisco North Bay has become a magnet that attracts developers from around the country, across oceans, and nearby. They move heavy industrial operations into rural areas and expand them to become event centers and commercial bottling operations. Under the pretense that they are merely agriculture, rather than alcohol-producing factories, large wineries seek to avoid Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Continue reading