Capitalism Loopholes FOUND and the Road for Full Employment

Europe is not just facing a temporary economic crisis. Europe is coming to a dead-end unable to see how to create jobs and revitalize their economy. Similar to the US’ quantitative easing measure, despite the EU Authority is making all effort to pump money into the banking system and the bank interest rate is set at its record low, most people are still skeptical of its effectiveness. It is time for us to recognize the loophole of capitalism and jump out of the box to find a solution. Continue reading

Communique for GlobalNoise against International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Tokyo

In Japan we will join with a series of actions protesting against the IMF/WB meetings along with our continuous campaigns concerning varied issues we are facing – including the nuclear industry. Our wish is to establish a solidarity with the peoples of the world, toward realization of a society for us the 99% on the planet. Continue reading

San Francisco Occupy Group Announces Board and Fundraising Campaign for Peoples Reserve Credit Union

Peoples Reserve Credit Union Announces Board and Advisory Participation and Fundraising. PRCU is a cooperative, social enterprise that will deliver much needed financial services to underserved communities in San Francisco. Their goal is to develop a sustainable and replicable working model and a series of best practices that allow residents and local governments to “move their money” into a member owned financial institution that directly serves local interests. Continue reading

Shutdown Bain Capital Press Release – Occupy Tampa

Occupy Tampa is coordinating Shut Down Bain. Bain Capital represents the epitomy of crony capitalism and the corrupting influence of money in politics. Romney worked with Salvadorian oligarchs to initially fund the corporation. These same oligarchs financed right-wing death squads that killed over 35,000 El Salvadorians, and politically supported the military dictatorships there. This resulted in the death of over 75,000 people. Continue reading