Had Enough of the Masters of Mankind?

People in the Occupy Movement will not need much explanation. They have discovered that the only coherence left to their movement is the reward that comes to us by serving others: see, for instance, reports from http://interoccupy.net/blog/occupy-sandy-new-jersey-needs-your-help-now/. Eat your heart out, New York Timex and Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

Victim of fraud and identity theft.

Victim of fraud and identity theft. When a fraud investigator from ING Pension Mutual fund spoke these words to me, I felt dumbfounded. I don’t like to think of myself as a victim. Although I’ve endured setbacks and even tragedies in my life, just as you probably have, I’ve always been able to survive and grow in the process. But not until I became a victim of identity theft — when someone impersonates you to commit various types of financial fraud (or worse yet, if they commit crimes in your name) did I know how devastated, overwhelmed, and really frightened I could be. It was a nightmare. But I guess, as the detective suggested, I was a very good example of what to do when very bad things happen. A lot of very bad things did happen and have emerged from my ordeal and I hope it assists in getting the help I need! Continue reading

Occupy Economics

Professor N. Gregory Mankiw is the Harvard economics professor out of whose class about 70 students streamed on November 2, 2011 in protest against the content of his course and gave a powerful boost to the Occupy Movement. He has now made an elegant presentation of the reasons why the economics profession must, as he says in the very title of his latest paper, be “Defending the One Percent.” Continue reading

It’s Time to Tackle the ‘Tax Haven Capital of the World’

Every year multinational corporations and corrupt politicians siphon off around $1.26 trillion of the world’s wealth, using elaborate schemes to transfer profits to countries with little or no tax. The majority of this wealth is stolen from some of the world’s poorest countries. This means they lose at least $100 billion every year in tax revenues; money that should be paying for essential services like schools, hospitals and roads. The City of London, a square mile within London itself, is the most important global hub of the tax haven system, through which billions in untaxed profits flow every day.
Continue reading

Occupy Winchester, MA – Community Reinvestment Day: A Discussion of Innovative and Thoughtful Approaches Toward Balancing Money, Society and the Environment

Community Reinvestment Day – A Discussion of Innovative and Thoughtful Approaches Toward Balancing Money, Society and the Environment. We are fortunate to be joined by both an impressive group of experts for a 90-minute panel discussion on socially responsible investing, and three courageous advocates for a public bank in MA who will give a very thought provoking hour-long presentation. There will also be exhibits from organizations like the Sustainable Business Network of MA, Rainbow Solutions, and many others. We will be offering everyone a light lunch of homemade soup and conversation, as well. Continue reading