Had Enough of the Masters of Mankind?

People in the Occupy Movement will not need much explanation. They have discovered that the only coherence left to their movement is the reward that comes to us by serving others: see, for instance, reports from http://interoccupy.net/blog/occupy-sandy-new-jersey-needs-your-help-now/. Eat your heart out, New York Timex and Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

Occupy Economics

Professor N. Gregory Mankiw is the Harvard economics professor out of whose class about 70 students streamed on November 2, 2011 in protest against the content of his course and gave a powerful boost to the Occupy Movement. He has now made an elegant presentation of the reasons why the economics profession must, as he says in the very title of his latest paper, be “Defending the One Percent.” Continue reading

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Visioning Session: Debt, Privilege and Common Struggle – January 21, 2013 and Beyond!

On Martin Luther King Day, January 21st at 2pm EST, Strike Debt NYC will hold a discussion titled “Privilege, Debt, & Common Struggle: Where Do We Go From Here?” In NYC, we will deepen our understanding of Dr. King’s legacy, enrich our analysis of the debt system, consider ways to build alternatives, and begin to pave a way forward based on unity, solidarity and common struggle. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Occupy Buffalo!

October 8, 2011 – a heady day when the decision was made to Occupy Buffalo in Niagara Square. The encampment lasted four months and brought the message of social and economic injustice front and center, where it couldn’t be ignored. Many thought Occupy Buffalo went away after the heavily armed eviction. However, Occupy Buffalo did some of their most important work continuing on from that day, consistently attending the ECIDA meetings, the NFTA meetings, the School Board meetings and the City Councils meetings, where they were able to be an influence in the city’s decision to remove $45 million dollars of taxpayer’s money from Chase. They continue to protest, they continue to teach, they continue to reach out to the community.

Come Join Occupy Buffalo in celebration and discussion this weekend! Continue reading

Solutions to America’s Critical Inequality Crisis: Insights from Some of the Nation’s Leading Economic Scholars and Writers

Occupy, the movement that raises the alarm around the growing income, power and wealth disparity crisis, starts its second year on Sept 17th. To mark this occasion a National Teach-In and Press Conference will be held, in conjunction with direct actions taking place around NYC. Continue reading

Immediate Help Needed: Blow the Whistle on Stop and Frisk Sept 13th

Public sentiment is strongly against stop-and-frisk but this racist policy won’t end unless we do something about it. On Wednesday, we held a press conference where Cornel West, Carl Dix, and other activists voiced their opposition to stop-and-frisk. They announced that on September 13 people everywhere will “Blow the Whistle on Stop-and-Frisk” so no one’s rights will be trounced on in silence. Continue reading

Woman walking from Boston, MA to Washington, D.C.

My name is Kristen Hoye, mostly folks call me KC. I am one woman participating in a simple action. I am departing August 29th, and walking from Boston, MA to Washington, D.C. We, as a country continue imperialist practices, regardless of the cost to the countries we are working in, or making provisions for the resulting influx of immigrants afterwards. So I am walking 460 miles. I am walking on behalf of those who cannot take the time, those with responsibilities and commitments they can’t leave behind. Continue reading