Campaign Finance Reform is the answer! The start and the solution! Take away the influence of money in elections AND subsequent political dealings. Period. Forever. Thank you!

The time is now to start a support group in your State, City, and community areas. Mid term elections are coming up and we the people need to take control of the election process, and the workings of our elected officials once voted into ‘public service’ positions. Yes, ‘Public Service’ positions; not ‘Corporate’ or ‘Special Interest’ positions. Create referendum measures in your State that can make it onto the election ballots to be voted into law by YOU THE PEOPLE. Collect signatures on petitions and force your State Legislature to include a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FINANCE referendum measure in the 2014 Elections. Once presented at this level the movement can be made ready for use to protect and support public campaign finance efforts in the 2016 National Elections, and beyond. Continue reading

99% Election Action

This individual, collaborative Action protests election campaigns that allow big money to select THEIR candidates, keeping tight two party system, and using the 99% to vote only in order to give legitimacy to their self serving acts. ~only my opinion

Link for signs 4 signs each in (8.5″x11″ and 8.5″x14″) copy off as jpeg format.

Action: Post our “99% – Guy Faux Mask” Signs (Very Dramatic Red-Black Design) placed atop thousands of candidate signs around town. There are ~4 signs to choose from… mix and match. Try to do at least a hundred each in your own neighborhoods.

Who: Individually or in Groups, on your own schedule. Try to do as many as possible prior to the Weekend before the election Nov 6. Please spread the word! It’s easier and quicker w two people but I’m doing fine alone too.

Where: Wherever there are clusters of candidate signs on public property, e.g., at busy intersections, around polling places, along roads.. SEE Legal NOTES below & prev email Candidate signs within 3 feet of street are not legally protected by law Continue reading

Three High School Students Arrested in Sit-In at JPMorgan Chase, Banking Skyscraper Completely Shut Down to Public

Alarmed by the billions of dollars of secret money flooding into the political system to influence voters this election cycle, three high school students sat in at JPMorgan Chase in lower Manhattan today, demanding full disclosure of the bank’s anonymous political expenditures. The students, who delivered a petition to the bank over three weeks ago articulating their demand, refused to leave the bank’s premises until the requested information was handed over to the public. The bank instead chose to shut down the entire 60 floor building and have them arrested. Continue reading

Fort Collins passes Corporation Separation resolution

With a vote of four to three, and with the mayor stating she is putting a cover letter of protest on the resolution, it passed! The city of Fort Collins has passed a resolution declaring the corporations are not people and money is not speech. A small group of hard-working individuals, loosely affiliated with Occupy Fort Collins and Move to Amend, have worked on this resolution for many months. Continue reading

DNC Delegate Leaves Party, Joins Occupy After Forced Vote at Convention

Find out what Minnesotan DNC Delegate Daniel McKenzie did when the Democrats decided to try to reinsert “God” and “Jerusalem” back into their platform with a voice vote during the DNC. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, asked for approval from the delegates, but was met with strong opposition. After asking three separate times, and still not receiving enough approval from the delegates, he still determined that those present had voted in favor. Continue reading

Denver’s Shelby the Dog Announces Candidacy in Presidential Race

Should we vote for a major candidate? Should we support a third party? Should we write in Shelby? Maybe we should boycott the whole affair…. Through, our canine leader has provided a forum for individuals and organizations to express their feelings, discuss issues with others, announce campaigns, and educate themselves on this important topic. Continue reading