LAST DAY: The Other Democracy: “For us, Democracy is Not about Election Season and Candidates’ Campaigns”

For us, democracy is not about election season and candidates’ campaigns. It’s not about money, and a person telling us how he/she is going to do it when he/she gets elected. Democracy is at any moment, at every level of our life. Even our children are learning democracy. They don’t even know it’s democracy, but they implement it all the time among them. Continue reading

Zapatista Freedom School to Implement a Language Justice Program! Starting next Monday!

The Zapatista School to implement a language justice system – students will know how it is to live in the language of a conqueror. There will be simultaneous translation from a Mayan language into Spanish. The “Freedom According to Zapatistas” School is coming up this Monday August 12! Occupy Wall Street people are invited to watch it online in two different schedules for people who work at night! Continue reading

Zapatista Freedom School updates by Sub-Commander Moisés

A few days ago, Zapatista Subcomandante Moises sent a communiqué with updates about the upcoming Zapatista Freedom School, to be held from August 12-16 in the Zapatista Autonomous Communities (“caracoles”, which is the Spanish name of “snails’ conchs” referring to the spiral of History). A total of 1,700 students from across all the continents will be attending, from South Africa to Canada, as far away to Brazil or Germany . Due to the high demand, new School cycles will be opened in December. Continue reading

The Monsanto Collection on the People’s Virtual Library

Following the global March Against Monsanto on May 25 and in the spirit of citizen awareness and education, Occupy Youngstown and Occupy Warren (OH) are pleased to present the beginning of the Monsanto collection on the People’s Virtual Library. This collection contains materials relating to Monsanto and the controversy surrounding the production and sale of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Continue reading