Research on Protest Strategies & Repression–Interviews Needed

Participate in an anthropological study of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Using Occupy Wall Street as a case study, it will examine how police and protesters make decisions, how the movement and police force determine appropriate strategies for political events, and how singular events change the discourse that surrounds the movement and its message. Continue reading

Conference on the Corrosive Influence of Money in Politics

The Money Out / Voters In coalition organized a “28th Amendment” conference held at the Law School of the University of California at Los Angeles, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012. The conference attempted to share information and build a consensus for action to combat the corrosive effects of money on the US government, estimated at between $20 and $200 for each $1 invested in lobbying and political campaigns by the ultra-wealthy and major corporations.
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Vision Statement has Spanish translation

An exciting new stage of the vision working group process has begun! This work is now in the beginning stages of translation for the Spanish speaking community here and abroad. This document is the first of this contribution. As our global community becomes ever more interconnected, we hope to widen the reach of this discussion. Invitamos a tod@s a unirse con nosotr@s, a contribuir y participar en la realización de esta visión mientras cambia y crece. Continue reading

Citizen-led efforts in 23 states aim to label genetically modified foods

After 19 state legislatures last year considered bills to label genetically modified foods, the grassroots campaign in 23 states have formed The Coalition of States for Mandatory GMO Labeling (The Coalition) to coordinate efforts that will require the labeling of genetically modified foods in the USA and to support Prop 37, the California ballot initiative that could mandate GMO labeling in California on election day. Continue reading

PACD Manifest – Global Week of Action Against Debt and IFIs, 2012

From October 7th to 14th, the Global Week of Action against Debt and IFIs will be celebrated worldwide. This week’s fight was established in the World Social Forum at Nairobi in 2007, to denounce the injustice of foreign debt on peripheral states and the submission policies imposed by multilateral agencies like the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. Continue reading

The First People’s Convention of New Orleans Oct. 27th

The First People’s Convention in New Orleans is where the 99%, not the 1%, sets the political agenda. We the people, as opposed to we the rich, have needs and interests that are in fundamental conflict with the 1%. We need, for example, low and moderate income housing, the right to organize ourselves into unions, living wage jobs, public education, an end to imperialist war, and an end to the rampant discrimination against and brutalization of minorities and those who dissent from the current, corporate political structure. Continue reading