FIVE RING FEVER The Sochi Games and Celebration Capitalism.

Sports as metaphor for human solidarity, or sports as vehicle for human greed?

Mega sporting events such as the Olympics are increasingly used to redevelop cities, displace populations, and quash internal dissent. Meanwhile, international governing bodies like the IOC and FIFA turn blind eyes to human rights violations by host countries, instead considering only who can provide them with the best party favors. The Sochi Winter Olympics, as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil and upcoming World Cups in Brazil and Qatar, represent prime examples of this trend toward what Jules Boykoff calls “celebration capitalism.” Continue reading

Intimidation, Harassment in Honduras

we have just learned from Elane Spivak-Rodriguez of the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) that, “There was big raid on a LIBRE headquarters in Tegucigalpa last night. Police came in with guns. There were international observers there….” [LIBRE is the opposition political party whose candidate, Xiomara Castro, is leading polls in the presidential race.] Continue reading

Had Enough of the Masters of Mankind?

People in the Occupy Movement will not need much explanation. They have discovered that the only coherence left to their movement is the reward that comes to us by serving others: see, for instance, reports from Eat your heart out, New York Timex and Wall Street Journal. Continue reading