Socio-Political Effects of Being a Server on Your Perception or: WILL SERVE FOOD FOR TIPS

As I continue wiping the counter tops I overhear tidbits of counter-productive passionately distraught conversation. Similar thoughts about humanity have crossed my mind as well.
The function of this article isn’t to get people to tip their servers; I actually think the people of Occupy already do that. The purpose is to shed light on how misanthropy thrives in this specific 12% of Americans (4,438,100) that work in food and beverage related serving jobs. Continue reading

Crown Heights’ Roger That Garden Project In Danger of Immediate Demolition

Roger That Garden Project, a half-acre community garden in Crown Heights home to over 100 participants—including dozens of neighborhood children and students from local public schools—and thousands of plants, is in imminent danger of destruction as a result of a recent property sale. Total elimination of the Garden is scheduled to be complete by next week. To find out more, volunteer time, or suggest a new location, please get in touch with us! Continue reading