FIVE RING FEVER The Sochi Games and Celebration Capitalism.

Sports as metaphor for human solidarity, or sports as vehicle for human greed?

Mega sporting events such as the Olympics are increasingly used to redevelop cities, displace populations, and quash internal dissent. Meanwhile, international governing bodies like the IOC and FIFA turn blind eyes to human rights violations by host countries, instead considering only who can provide them with the best party favors. The Sochi Winter Olympics, as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil and upcoming World Cups in Brazil and Qatar, represent prime examples of this trend toward what Jules Boykoff calls “celebration capitalism.” Continue reading

International Call to Participate in Blockupy 2013 in Frankfurt May 30th to June 1st and other struggles against the Troika

We think it’s time, respecting the autonomy of specific local movements, to weave and organize a network of struggles that resists and takes back to the people what is being swept away: basic income and social care, houses, basic common goods like water, energy and transportation, high-quality knowledge, labour and social rights, the freedom of movement, and, in general, the possibility to achieve dignity and freedom in life. Continue reading

Peoples united Against the Troika: International Protest on the 1st of June

Europe is under a violent attack by the financial capital, represented by the troika (IMF, ECB, EC) and by the successive governments that apply concerted policies with these entities, despising and destroying the people. We know that this offensive is set on breaking the peoples, rendering them slaves of debt and austerity. This offensive crosses Europe and it must be defeated by an international struggle. Continue reading

Chicagoans to Erect Tent City Against “Fiscal Cliff” Austerity Negotiations #durbinville

As part of the ongoing “fiscal cliff” discussions, Senator Durbin is negotiating behind our backs to gut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – cuts that could create depression-era conditions for millions of Americans who’ve paid for and earned support from these vital programs. Join us on December 6th at noon to tell Senator Durbin that we won’t go back! Continue reading