Call from Gaza : Day of Rage / Dia de la Ira / Dia da Furia – Sabado / Saturday August 9

Join the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Movement today. Demand Sanctions on Israel Now.
As we face the full might of Israel’s military arsenal, funded and supplied by the United States and European Union, we call on civil society and people of conscience throughout the world to pressure governments to sanction Israel and implement a comprehensive arms embargo immediately. Continue reading


Since Occupy, anarchist and grass roots worker ideas and tactics have spread widely among a new generation of activists, organizers and militants. Anarchist ideas are being seriously considered now more than ever before.  In this spirit, we are putting out an open call for a “Red and Black” contingent at the Rally for Workers’ and Immigrants’ Rights on May 1. Continue reading

Fight Racism Now – A Global Effort to Put Anti-Racism on the Political Agenda. Stand Up 21 March 2014!

MARCH 21 @ 4:30 PM ET – Ralph Bunche Park
It is high time for anti-racism to become an integral part of US politics and for the US to live up to its commitment to the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). Continue reading

Crown Heights’ Roger That Garden Project In Danger of Immediate Demolition

Roger That Garden Project, a half-acre community garden in Crown Heights home to over 100 participants—including dozens of neighborhood children and students from local public schools—and thousands of plants, is in imminent danger of destruction as a result of a recent property sale. Total elimination of the Garden is scheduled to be complete by next week. To find out more, volunteer time, or suggest a new location, please get in touch with us! Continue reading

NATO 3 Jury Selection Postponed Until Mon., Jan. 13th.

On Monday, January 6, we learned that jury selection had been postponed until the following Monday, January 13. We do not know the date when the trial itself will start, but we will keep you updated as we learn more information. We are also not asking people to pack the courtroom for jury selection due to limited seating, but will be asking everyone to come out for the trial itself, so stay tuned! Continue reading