Who We Are

In an era of increasing social inequality and ecological destruction, ordinary people are rising to challenge corporate power in their communities and environments. Our collective has been working within social movements, such as the Occupy movement, for the last two years to build a mass movement that can challenge corporate-elite power. We stand for a world of mutual aid where all people have access to healthcare, food, housing, clean water, healthy environments and strong communities.

We do not believe that the solutions to the problems we face are complex. We have more houses than houseless people, more food then hungry people and more medicine than sick people. The problems we face are not technical: they are political and rooted in a system of mass exploitation. The problems we face will require political action supported by the majority of people organizing for their own interests. The problems we face are not due to a lack of popular will for change, but a lack of political power.

What We Are Going To Do

Next September, our collective will hit the road to promote social and environmental justice organizing throughout the US. We plan to train activists in facilitation, organizing, and creative direct action to build successful movements in their areas. We plan to provide training at unions, college campuses and town halls throughout the US. Our trainings are designed to empower participants to build community alliances for social justice.

Get Involved

If this project interests you and you would like to come, fundraise or have us in your community please get in contact with us at streetschoolcollective@gmail.com.

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