Stop Murder by Medical Neglect

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Mumia Abu Jamal’s condition is worsening. He is going to die if he doesn’t get to see a competent doctor and the prison allows his family and lawyer to monitor his condition. Now that the weekend is over, you can reach the responsible authorities at the numbers below.

Please call the numbers below, and any other numbers you have for the Prison and the Governor. Mumia’s his prison number is AM 8335; mention that as well as his name. Call local news sources in your area that would report on this crisis. Share this post with your contact lists. Get out the information via any social media you use especially Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #MumiaMustLive.

Demand that prison officials call Mumia’s wife and his lawyer Bret Grote to discuss his condition. Demand that Mumia Abu-Jamal see a competent doctor immediately, that he be taken to the hospital for emergency care and not be left to go into a diabetic coma.

It is clear that Pennsylvania prison officials are intent on carrying out their plans to murder Mumia through medical neglect. This situation is urgent.  Every call matters. Every action matters. We need to be in the streets. Call your friends, your neighbors. We must speak out now before it’s too late.

1) John Wetzel, Secretary of the Department of Corrections
717-728-4109 • 717-728-4178 Fax
1920 Technology Pkwy, Mechanicsburg PA 17050

2) John Kerestes, Superintendent SCI Mahanoy: 570-773-2158 x8102 • 570-783-2008 Fax
301 Morea Road, Frackville PA 17932

3) Tom Wolf, PA Governor: 717-787-2500 •
508 Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg PA 17120

4) Susan McNaughton, Public Information Office PA Department of Corrections (DoC)
DoC Press secretary: 717-728-4025, PA DoC
DoC Deputy Press Secretary
717-728-4109 • 717-728-4178 Fax
1920 Technology Pkwy, Mechanicsburg PA 17050
Public Information Officer, SCI Mahanoy,
570-773-2158 x8102 • 570-783-2008 Fax
Jane Hinman: 570-773-2158; then dial zero
301 Morea  Road, Frackville PA 17932
Central Office by phone: (717) 728-2573
Michael Klopotoski, Deputy Secretary Eastern Region
(717) 728-4122 or 4123
Theron Perez, Chief Counsel, PA Department of Corrections (717) 728-7763
Shirley Moore Smeal, Executive Deputy Secretary (717) 728-4110
PA Department of Corrections General, News, etc.:

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