Rockford IL, Steve Stadelmans campaign for Illinois State Senate 34th District has fired Field Organizer Eric Howanietz five days into his employment with the campaign for being a member of the organization Occupy Rockford. This was given as the only reason for his termination.

An activist with Occupy Rockford, Eric was quoted with the organization on a number of occasions. But putting aside Occupy activism Eric dedicated himself to the election of Steve Stadelman to the Illinois State Senate. On Thursday July 5th Eric met with senior Stadelman campaign staff who told him that his membership in Occupy Rockford could be a campaign issue and that they would need to talk to Steve Stadelman before continuing his employment. Eric was asked to go home for the rest of the day and the next day Friday July 6th he was notified that he was terminated.

“I just feel like what Stadelman did was wrong,” says Eric.

“I feel strongly about the activism I have done in the past, but I never thought I would be fired over it”. Eric Howanietz is a registered Democrat and precinct committee men. He was also President and founder of the Young Democrats of Winnebago County. “It feels like McCarthyism to me, only I never thought I would be treated like that by a Democrat,” says Eric.

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2 Responses to Steve Stadelman fires employee for Membership in Occupy Rockford

  1. Crystal says:

    What am I going to tell my younger Occupy friends now? I keep telling them that it’s important to vote, and they keep telling me there’s no difference between the parties. I know that, but this sure doesn’t help my argument.

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