Statement from the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network concerning the recent attacks on Zapatistas from the community 10 de Abril

To the Zapatista Grassroots Support Communities

To the Good Government Boards

To the EZLN

To the adherents to the Sexta

To national and international human rights organisations

To the alternative media

To people of good heart in Mexico and the world

In our corner of the world in the United Kingdom we learned with outrage of the recent attacks on the Zapatista grassroots support (BAZ) of the community of 10 de Abril, autonomous municipality 17 de Noviembre, in the Caracol Community of Morelia, and on staff from the hospital of San Carlos in Altamirano who came to the assistance of those who had been injured during this attack.

We raise our voices to strongly condemn these repressive actions which are without doubt part of the ongoing counterinsurgency war being waged by the three levels of the bad government in Mexico against the dignified autonomy of the BAZ, who struggle every day for another world, one with democracy, freedom and justice.

The Good Government Board “Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, Caracol Whirlwind of Our Words”, in Morelia, has denounced that on the 30th January, 300 members of the Independent Centre of Democratic Agricultural and Peasant Workers (CIOAC), from the nearby community of 20 de Noviembre, arrived in 18 pickup trucks and attacked the BAZ of 10 de Abril with sticks and stones. During this attack, three Zapatistas were seriously wounded, while two others on each side received minor injuries. A call for assistance was made to the hospital of San Carlos in Altimirano, but when an ambulance and a pickup truck arrived, the hospital staff, including two nuns, were cruelly assaulted by supporters of CIOAC, and prevented from attending to the injured, contrary to the Geneva Convention.

With the support and encouragement of the bad government these people have been trying since 2007 to seize the lands of the community of 10 de Abril, which were recuperated by the Zapatistas in 1994, and which have been worked by them ever since. These attacks have been worsening since last November. The Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Centre warns us that “in the region there is an imminent possibility of new attacks and an intensification of the violence, which would be a risk to life and personal integrity, in addition to the violations of the right to territory and autonomy of the Zapatista peoples.” We therefore link our voices to the demands that the authorities of the federal, state and municipal governments:

act to reduce tension in the conflict and to guarantee the security and integrity of those involved, given their responsibility to guarantee, respect and protect the human rights of the population that is located within their jurisdiction
investigate and punish those responsible for the attacks
We also wish to send a message of support to our Zapatista female and male comrades: that they continue to be a source of inspiration to us, that we will remain vigilant as to what happens in their lands, and that they are not alone.

¡Alto Inmediato a las Agresiones a las Bases de Apoyo Zapatistas!

¡Si Tocan a l@s Zapatistas nos Tocan a Tod@s!

¡L@s Zapatistas No Están Sol@s!

¡Vivan Las Bases de Apoyo Zapatistas!

¡Viva el EZLN!


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The Committee of the True Word from South-West England

9th February, 2014

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