We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and support them.

NO SHOPPING AT ANY WALMART IN AMERICA on Friday, November 23, 2012!

Please watch this informative documentary about WalMart and their practices, ‘WalMart: The High Cost of Low Prices’:

The historic retail worker strikes began last Friday in Los Angeles, when 60+ people walked off work, and they quickly spread across the country.

Earlier in September, workers at warehouses owned by Walmart in Illinois and California also went on strike.

Striking workers are demanding that Walmart end retaliatory practices against employees who attempt to organize by Nov. 23, Black Friday.

If not, they will strike again on the biggest shopping day of the year.
Walmart’s intentionally low wages force hard-working employees to need approximately $420,000 per year, per store, totaling $2.66 BILLION annually in Food Stamps and other taxpayer assistance … to survive.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost the country HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in payroll tax deductions for Federal, State, and Local taxes.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost our communities the ability to hire and retain important public service workers like firefighters, police officers, maintenance workers, and teachers.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost our communities with their increased need for those same public services they are underfunding.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages and lack of covered benefits cost taxpayers over $1.02 BILLION a year in healthcare costs.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost taxpayers as much as $225 MILLION in free and reduced price lunches for school-age children.

Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost taxpayers over $780 MILLION in tax deductions for low-income families.
And that’s just some of the burden placed on taxpayers by Walmart’s intentionally low wages.


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