The Supporting Administration and Communications team for the Zapatista Communities just sent a letter saying that everyone who asked to be invited, got a reply and sent his/her form WILL GET THEIR pre-registration number. They just have to wait for all the communities to be ready to receive each person with one family. You will get your number though. This is so because, in addition to the 1,500 students they hosted in August, the Zapatista communities “caracoles” are now hosting one thousand more in December and January.

Just as a reminder – their vacancies both for December and January are now full. If you want to go to the Zapatista School, you will need to wait for another opening (probably in August 2014).

Also, it is important to remember that each person needs to send their form individually, not just one form for a family or a group. You get your pre-registration number individually even though you go with your family members or friends.

REGARDING SAFE TRAVELING LOGISTICS BEFORE GETTING TO THE ZAPATISTA COMMUNITIES, our comrade David, who just went to the Little School in August, prepared the following recommendations to our sister Jean, and I am passing them along so that you know them as well. Some of us don’t feel safe until we get to the Zapatista communities, and we are right about it, because that’s the safest Mexican territory (where there are no drug-smugglers and politicians). So it is good to know how to travel safe outside the liberated territory. Especially if you are a young woman traveling on your own.

First of all congratulations for being part of the escuelita zapatista. David can tell you from experience that it’s a life-changing trip.

If you have to make a stop in Mexico City, you will be safe inside the airport. If you have to stay overnight In Mexico City there are some hotels just next to the airport, but they can be a bit expensive. The airport is big but well organized. You’ll be able to find your way there or get some help if you don’t.

From Tuxtla airport to San Cristobal there are buses going out frequently. You can make your reservation on line or take it once you get there. It’s pretty easy to take them and I’m sure you’ll be fine despite the language issue.

Once you arrive to San Crist?bal, you can take a safe taxi to “UNITIERRA”. It’s a 20 mins ride and once you’re there zapatistas will take care of the rest. San Cristobal is a very touristic place and if you decide to visit the beautiful downtown of San Cristobal you will be safe.

In general, when you are away of the Zapatista territory, don’t leave your stuff unattended, don’t take a cab on the street in Mexico City (it is better to call a service from the hotel because those are kidnappers) and don’t believe a man who tells you he fell in love with you at first sight – it is usually not true.

Thank you all for your solidarity!


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