skipping (Or Americans call it dumpster diving)

is saving fOOd that’s been thrOwn away by supermarkets.

wikipedia explains it like [this].

yet, in mOst cOuntries the law treats skipping as an act Of crime,

mOst Of the times these same cOuntries think thrOwing away gOOd fOOd isn’t a criminal act.

in this wOrld mOre and mOre peOple are starving.

sOme say it’s because Of the crisis,

that there isn’t enOugh fOOd fOr all Of us.

Other peOple say it’s because fOOd and mOney aren’t fairly shared.


in this wOrld there’s a grOwing number Of supermarkets, snackbars and Other fOOdstOres.

and all Of them are thrOwing away fOOd in their cOntainers.

sOme scientists say, frOm all the fOOd we are prOducing, half Of it is thrOwn away.

fOr example because it’s On the date.

then a shOp isn’t allOwed tO sell it anymOre. Or because there is a dent On the apple – and nObOdy wants tO buy a dented apple.  but there’s nOthing wrOng with that apple, i’m sure it’s still deliciOus.  wOuld yOu reject it when sOmebOdy Offered yOu a dented apple,  when yOu were starving?

On mOnday evening, december 24th 2012,

christians will celebrate the remembrance Of the birth Of jesus.

suddenly i asked myself:

imagine that jesus was still alive,

and imagine On this christmas eve peOple frOm all Over the wOrld wOuld decide tO gO skipping,


with thOusands, tens Of thOusands, maybe milliOns Of peOple,

wOuld jesus gO tO church Or jOin the skipping?

and yOu?

what wOuld yOu dO

when this december 24th

23:00 in the evening

(local time)

peOple wOrldwide

wOuld save gOOd fOOd

because fOOdstOres threw it away anyhOw?

and what dO yOu think

yOur local pOlice wOuld dO?

wOuld they punish these dumpster diving peOple,

prisOn them all?

Or wOuld they punish the stOres that threw away gOOd fOOd,

because actually that is disrespectful and criminal?

 if yOu want tO write abOut skipping waste, dumpster diving,

and abOut what yOu think wOuld happen

when peOple wOrldwide wOuld gO skipping waste this xmas eve,

then please use #skip24 in yOur messages and blOgs and sO,

sO that everybOdy jOining in can easily find the Others.

thank yOu sO much!

see yOu

& have a lOvely xmas eve!

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