Shelby the Dog Releases Her First Campaign Ad

As you may know, Shelby the Dog, the elected leader of Occupy Denver, recently announced her candidacy for the United States presidency. She is now happy to inform you that her first campaign ad is public and can be viewed at or youtube (name: Shelby loves america).

Another exciting development in the campaign is a new feature for your involvement. We are now posting 60 second videos of folks answering the following question:

Do you plan on voting this November? Why or why not?

Shoot a video of yourself asking answering this question, publish it on Youtube or another site, and post it on the shelbylovesamerica facebook page and

Shelby urges you to either vote, or not vote this election year and to be proud and loud either way…. she also supports longer leashes and larger doggy treats!
Bark, bark

Submitted by: Occupy Denver

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