Help Send InterOccupy to the World Social Forum in Tunisia!

The World Social Forum is taking place in Tunisia from March 26th to 30th. InterOccupy would like to send a small group that has been working on building networks and lines of communication for Occupy over the past fifteen months to the forum. You can help us get there with your tax deductible contribution! Our work in the movement has involved developing processes for:

  • democratic, horizontal communication,
  • building and managing a unique technical platform that encourages collaboration on issues across wide distances,
  • creating a decentralized news distribution system,
  • national and global days of action, and
  • assisting with regional and national gatherings for Occupy.

From the beginning of the Occupy movement, Interoccupy’s mission has been to facilitate communication, collaboration, and coordination across the country and across the world between grassroots social justice organizations.

Your donations will allow us to build on the past successes we’ve had with Occupy Sandy, the Million Hoodies project, the Occupy National Gathering as well as other social change initiatives.

We have learned a lot from our experience that we would like to share at the forum. We would also like to meet others from across the world working on similar initiatives in order to build cross-continental lines of open and democratic communication.

Our main goals in attending the forum:

  1. Share our experience and work so that other movements can learn from what we have done.
  2. Learn directly from other popular movement groups about their strategies for building communication and networking.
  3. Connect with others from around the world so that we can start the process of developing a global communication platform that can be used to build worldwide solidarity issues that affect us all.
  4. Host a panel discussion at the forum about the question of whether building a global networking and communications commons is something social movements want, and if so, engage others to work with us on it from the ground up using open democratic consensus-based processes.

Your tax deductible contribution will help us send 4 members of InterOccupy to the World Social Forum, so that we can build on the work we have been doing for Occupy with others around the world.




For those of you who prefer to mail checks, please send them to:

1247 E St., SE
Washington, DC 20003

Budget Breakdown:

1100 x 4 = $4400.00

300 x 4 people = $1200.00

Travel Vaccinations & Meds
500 x 4 people = $2000.00

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