Secret Weapons are being deployed today by the Govt, utilizing Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Microwave frequencies. Utilizing the “Smart Grid”, these technologies have a far greater reach and invasion into our lives, mimicking a Fascist- Nazi type of World.

Jesse Ventura unveils (on a recent show (Dec.2012), hidden government weapons called the Death Ray – a Directed Energy Weapon,- utilizing Microwave technology and electromagnetic radiation frequencies. These were developed in the 1960′s by Tessler, and further developed by a Dr. Robert Duncan (CIA), and a Fred Bell,(NASA), who are on this video. During the show, Fred Bell, who reveals the nature of these weapons, unexplainably dies.

These weapons are secretly being developed and used by the FBI. The video explains how a city or even a country can be “evaporated” utilizing this technology within a matter of seconds. There is a strong uncanny similarity to the way these weapons ‘destroy” matter, to the way the World Trade Center “disintegrated”. (All on this video). Government experiments like “Mk Ultra”, and Star Wars that were supposed to be stopped, are still going on today, under the secret workings of Govt. Agencies.

The next video, (next Jesse Ventrura’s show) explains how and why individuals, activists and others are being targeted TODAY, utilizing this technology. The govt has been using these weapons to harass activists. The idea that they have developed technologies that can “invisibly” present microwaves running through and influencing the “mind”, is an awkward and unbelievable possibility.

We at Occupy should examine and provide education about, and probe further-

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