Seattle Students Organize Free Education Campaign #sdnb #miccheckwallst

In Seattle, a group of students, educators and Occupy activists have created a project designed to bring free education to the community. They plan to offer courses taught by volunteers – teachers, scientists, carpenters, etc. The campaign is this group’s response to one trillion dollars in student debt.

The project was inaugurated on “1-T-Day” at Westlake Park. The consistent theme of the group’s campaign has been: “Free Education for Everyone”.

One example of existing free education in the US is Coursera, an online project co-founded by Stanford University computer science professor Daphne Koller. Free online courses are being taught by professors from Princeton, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Michigan, and Stanford.

Through their discussion meetings and by utilizing social networking tools, the activists in Seattle may actually be laying the foundations for a truly revolutionary way to organize public education. They are already recruiting volunteers from the local community to provide instruction on a wide variety subjects not usually taught in most mainstream colleges and universities.


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