From #25S to #29S – A Personal View
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What’s up on September 29th?

Again, surround the Congress.

Why this date?

The idea was already in the back, 25th was tuesday, but 29th is saturday, Rajoy already talked bullshit in NYC and the goverment announced the new reforms asked by the Troika to get a new bailout. People are even angrier.

Moreover the 25th was a success and took the international attention to Madrid. The repression was incredibly violent and this put many people in our side.

Many organizers already talked about this scenario and it happened, it’s inside the strategy.

What’s the plan?

It’s still being discussed, things go fast, but again we’ll surround the Congress and more cities are joining. Including Rome, Berlin, Bruxelles and Lisboa.

We’ve no fear, no one in here is afraid of what’s happening and we’ll keep the peaceful way as principle and as an strategy.

So, what?

The idea is to keep pressure on the government, because they’re doing wrong everyday to maintain the calm.

There are some doubts of what we’re doing after the 29th and how it will end, but we are standing up for democracy, that’s our objective despite the discussions.

My opinion

I said we were going to shake the world and it turned into reality. We’ve here people from all over Spain, the most implicated people in the movement is working hard to do this. We’re even making turns of people going back home replaced by fresh ones, and in the weekend it’ll be easier to be in Madrid.

Everything is going so fast and we’re dealing with it quite well. The government is facing a complicated situation, they are even running out of money to maintain the repression (they gave it to the banks).

The people here is the best communication team I ever saw. The people on the streets are already in the dynamics of the movement and know how to deal with problems is protests. We’re on a amazing point of maturity and organization.

Other countries are waking up: the protests returned to Greece, Rome is calling to surround their parliament, Portugal is protesting hard… Maybe the situation in Europe is going to get hot, which is my objective.

The government going down? Maybe, I don’t know.

But what concerns me is showing everybody what’s happening in here.
Unfortunately I won’t be in Madrid on the 29th.

Where’s the info?

Main call:





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