On September 15-17th in New York City, we are organizing three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with a full slate of permitted convergences, family friendly assemblies, a big concert, and mass civil disobedience on that Monday in the heart of the financial district. The evolving schedule as well as detailed information can be found at s17nyc.org.

Below is everything you need to know, whether you are planning to join us in NYC or planning a solidarity action locally.

Register: If you are planning to come to NYC, please fill out our registration form here: http://s17nyc.org/support/registration/ and please spread the word to others in your local occupy or affinity group and tell them to fill out the reg form too. By registering, we can keep you up to date on housing, food, volunteer opportunities, convergence and action plans.

Transport: We are encouraging folks to find their own transportation. We have resources up on the s17 site here: s17nyc.org/support/join-us-in-nyc/transportation/ about rideshares, amtrak discount and buses. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON OWS TO PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION. If you are planning to drive, please find information about parking on the site as well.

Housing: We secured a big factory in Brooklyn where out of towners can crash on the floor. If you register on the s17 registration form (found here: http://www.s17nyc.org/support/registration/) and indicate that you need housing, you will be sent all of the address and all the info you need. If you plan to stay at the factory, please bring a sleeping pad and sleeping bag and pack light. Other housing options can be found here: s17nyc.org/support/join-us-in-nyc/housing/

Monday NYC Action: BRING BUSINESS ATTIRE to wear on the 17th. We will disrupt business as usual in the financial district by blockading the Stock Exchange and surrounding intersections. Action Framework can be found here:s17nyc.org/peoples-wall/.

Affinity Groups: Some of the organizing is happening in affinity groups. If you have an affinity group and want to find out how to plug into the action, you can join the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil every Friday at 6pm from now until S17 in Foley Square. If you’re coming from out of town you can plug in to the meeting by registering for the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil Remote Participation call here.

Solidarity Actions: A lot of cities are planning solidarity actions either on the 17th or around their own anniversary. You can find ideas about possible solidarity actions and planning tools here http://s17nyc.org/organize/organize-your-own-action/. Do you know if anyone from your city is planning a solidarity action? If so, please submit the action info here http://s17nyc.org/organize/submit-solidarity-action/ so we can help spread the word. If you are organizing other actions in and around NYC for the weekend, please submit them here: http://s17nyc.org/organize/add-your-action/

Join our organizing calls, e-mail lists and text loops: The last S17 InterOccupy call is this Tuesday September 11th at 7PM EST where you can find out more info and ask questions/discussions. You can visit the S17 interoccupy hub at interoccupy.net/s17nyc/ to register for the calls and sign up for any and all of the S17 e-mail lists. We also have a text loop which you can sign up for by texting “@S17NYC” TO 23559, where you will get up to the minute S17 info via text messages.

Help us make outreach calls: We need help making outreach calls! If you want to outreach to other occupiers from around the country, fill out this form here: http://www.interoccupy.net/ios17/ and you’ll get info about how and who to call.

Submitting a workshop or teach-in: If you would like to lead a teach-in, workshop or any other event during the occupy town square portion of the weekend on the 15th and 16th, please fill out this form here: s17nyc.org/join-the-convergence/. You do not have to register to lead a workshop at the open space, but we will be able to organize the days and communicate the schedule better if we know what folks are planning.

Organizational outreach: To find a list of organizations who are participating or have endorsed s17, please go here: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/S17_Endorsement. If you are connected to an organization or an occupy that would like to endorse s17, please go here: http://s17nyc.org/support/pledge/

Legal: The OWS legal group works with the NLG and will be giving know your rights trainings on the 15th and 16th. If you are traveling with an affinity group or on a bus, please designate one person to get in touch with legal at mutantlegal@riseup.net. If possible, please do know your rights trainings specific to NYC laws in your cities before arriving.

Thanks so much for your time. Don’t forget to register if you are planning to attend!: http://s17nyc.org/support/registration/

We look forward to seeing you on the streets in NYC!

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