Last September 17th, as part of a wave of global protest, people from across the country raced to the heart of New York’s financial district to Occupy Wall Street. In the face of big banks foreclosing on our homes, killing our jobs, buying up our democracy, and turning our environment into just another toxic asset, you showed up, and we became the 99%.

Now folks across the country are busy planning for days of education, celebration and resistance this September 15h-17th.

Visit the S17 Hub!

Every week, we talk about the actions in NYC and around the country on an interoccupy call at 7PM EST. This week we are dedicating time for and extended conversation about PR strategy, tips, tactics and questions.

Register for the call here!

In order to make this as productive as possible, we are hoping to get as many folks from local PR teams on the call as possible. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR LOCAL PR TEAM!

If you, or anyone from your local occupation, has questions you want to discuss, please send them to to with “Questions for S17 Interocc Call” in the subject.

You can find out more about S17 planning here and outreach posters and materials here.

Thanks everyone!

All roads lead to Wall St!

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