Do you know of folks from your occupation who would like to travel to NYC for S17? Please send us rough estimates of the number of folks from your city who would like to travel to NYC for S17 if the transportation is free. We need an answer BY WEDNESDAY.

In order to help the Nurses Union figure out how many buses to start reserving, we need to provide them with a rough idea of how many people are interested.

We have been receiving ongoing estimates from some cities, but we have been presented with a sudden, short deadline.

We don’t need _confirmed numbers_ yet, but we would like to take a bunch of ballpark estimates and see what the range of them are.

Please e-mail the answer to this question “How many people do you think would want to come to S17 if a bus were available from your city, or a nearby city?”, to

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11 Responses to Request for Estimates for S17 Bus Transport

  1. Cammie says:

    I think we will have more than fifty people from Portland, Oregon who will want to go.

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