Right Wing Groups Co-Opt Occupy Croatia

It has been reported that Occupy Croatia has been taken over by right wing nationalist groups. Please share this info widely. Apparently, these new people have already been making contact with people in Spain and elsewhere.

For sharing this info on twitter the #NoAxis is being used.

Dear Friends, dear Comrades,

Many of you know me as a dedicated Activist and member of many initiatives in Croatia. Many of you have met me on Mumble during our Conference meetings.

I have to deliver some very bad news. I have been dismissed from the Occupy Croatia administrating duty due to the fact that I stood up against cooperation with ultra-right wing groups who have eventually managed to infiltrate our movement in Croatia.

The main page https://www.facebook.com/OccupyCroatia?ref=ts&fref=ts has been taken over by people who believe the future is in national movements, not international ones. They believe that the future is a strong nation, not individuals. It has been taken over by the people who are living in the past, people who think that the 2nd world war should have been won by the Axis collaborating forces. I have lost my battle there and I dont want to be the part of it.

Our friends in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro can confirm how dangerous these symbols are. From today, these symbols are behind the Occupy movement in Croatia. Please put your efforts and help into spreading the word around the globe in an attempt to help on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Examples of the nationalist groups involved:

Links to Croatian National Front:

Material released by Croatian National Front

Actual foto of president of CNF dressed in uniform worn by Ustase – Croatian (fascist) collaborating forces during WW2

Submitted by: Take The Square