Retail Action Project call-in action for May Day

Join the Retail Action Project’s #JustHours May Day action! In NYC, over 1/3 of retail workers must be available for “on-call” shifts – where they must call the store to know if they are scheduled that same day – wreaking havoc in their lives and making arranging for childcare or going to school nearly impossible. That number is increasing every day, as more companies implement this low-road strategy, and prioritizing profits over workers’ lives. Show retailers that hundreds of thousands of NY retail workers are tired of waiting by the phone and deserve work! B

Between 10am and 11am and 2:30pm and 3:30pm on Wednesday, May 1, please call all three stores. DIAL *67 to block your number. Urban Outfitters 526 Avenue of the Americas, NYC *67, (646) 638-1646 (you will hear the automated system, press 3, and ask for the manager)

Abercombie and Fitch Scheduling number: *67, (212) 381-0110 720 5th Avenue, NYC DSW Shoes *67, (212) 674-2146 (you will hear the automated system, press 0, and ask for the manager) 40 E 14th Street, NYC You can use the below script as a guideline for your phone call, but please end with the LAST LINE: ·


Hi, it’s _YOUR FIRST NAME_. I’m calling to see if I’m working today. o [If they ask what position, pick one: cashier, sales floor, or stock. They will not have you on the schedule.] · How am I supposed to pay my bills when I don’t know how many hours I’m getting or how much my paycheck will be? · Retail workers deserve the right to know when we work. · On-call shifts are unfair and unjust and this abusive practice needs to stop at this store now!!!


Hang up.

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