On March 21st 2014 you will have an opportunity to do something amazing. In 14 countries across the world, millions of people are coming together to stand up against racism in hopes that we, as a human race, can replace ignorance and fear with understanding and progress.

Fight Racism Now is a global campaign that aims to put anti-racism on the political agenda. On March 21st, America can play its part by participating in the “Racism Is” campaign.

How can you be a part? On March 21st give a voice to your experiences with racism on facebook, twitter and social media. Change your facebook cover photos or profile pictures and flood social media with photos of yourself or others letting the world know what racism is to you.

This campaign is two fold. While social media is lighting up with insightful images to combat racism, we’re asking everyone to take to the streets with this same exact message.

Take your “Racism Is…” signs to public locations to be seen by those who would otherwise turn a blind eye to the subject.

For instance, if you’ve been followed around your local mall while shopping, go shopping with your sign that says “Racism is following honest people around a store because they LOOK like a criminal.” Then take pictures of yourself doing this and add them to social media.

The purpose is to have a presence both online and in the world on March 21st. Be creative, be vocal but most importantly…BE HEARD.

As a country we can no longer be silent about the topics that make us uncomfortable. So if you believe that healthy dialogue about racism is key to defeating it, and if you believe that this generation can be the one to stop racism in its tracks then join us on March 21st when we declare to the world that the time has come to fight ignorance, fight prejudice and to fight racism now!

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